Çalışan Destek Programı Nedir?

Avita EAP is the first Employee Assistance Program in Turkey. It is a comprehensive Employee Assistance Program designed to deliver high quality integrated services to support and protect both your organization and its most valuable asset the employees.


Avita Employee Assistance Program is truly appropriate to the wellbeing needs of your organization, and can be seamlessly integrated with your existing human resources, occupational health and workplace-managed healthcare strategies.


Why do businesses need an EAP?

We are living longer and physically healthier lives than ever before, but the world is faster, less certain and more stressful than it used to be. That means there is more pressure on business to stay ahead of the competition and be productive and profitable. Increased demands on your organization usually result in additional strain on your employees.

And how do they cope?

Some may not cope very well, resulting in;

  • Increasing incidence of work-related stress
  • Rising levels of absenteeism and poor time-keeping
  • Reduced effectiveness and productivity in the workplace
  • Increased pressure on management, human resources and occupational health.

Provided services

  • 24/7 psychological telephone counseling
    • Face to face counseling
  • 24/7 telephone medical advice & information
  • 24/7 general information services
  • 24/7 telephone legal information
  • 24/7 telephone fiscal information
  • 24/7 Back & Neck Pain and Work Place Ergonomics
  • 24/7 TechnoSupport
  • 24/7 Healthy Nutrition Counselling
  • 24/7 Newborn Care Information

All services are confidential and cover both employees and their immediate family members.

  • Information services through the web site
  • E-bulletins including articles, researches, activities etc.
  • Periodical managerial reporting and evaluation of referrals

An innovative approach to HR

Employee Assistance Program of Avita, support and protect both your organization and its most valuable asset: the employees.